What we do - Independent Financial Advice

Our aim is to be able to provide all of our clients with a clear path on which they can see their progress towards any given objective.

We work in stages and take time to formulate our recommendations.

1. Initial Meeting

This is a chance for you to get to meet us and decide if we can work together.  We explain what we do and how we work answering any questions you may have along the way.  We also discuss your circumstances; what you have done so far and your current situation and your objectives; your priorities and when you want to achieve your desired outcome.

2. Confirm Understanding

We ask that you confirm our understanding of the details gathered at our initial meeting for us to gain a solid foundation upon which to build our recommendations.  This is commonly done by sending you an overview of the information and our understanding of your priorities which we ask you to check and amend as appropriate before returning it to us.

3. Formulate Advice

We begin to research and put together our recommendations tailored to your needs.  Where possible we aim to work on a holistic basis and will highlight any areas of shortfall you were previously unaware of but at the same time could have a material impact upon you achieving your objectives.

4. Explain our Advice

We will explain our recommendations clearly and concisely so that you are aware of any potential implications resulting from a course of action before you start.  We answer your questions and check your understanding before moving any further. 

5. Implement Advice

After you have had sufficient time to consider our recommendations we will implement the recommended advice once we have received your permission to proceed on your behalf. 

6. 60 Day Check Up

We like to check that you have everything you need and that you are happy with the way things have gone.  We also ensure that you have been provided with the relevant policy documents and that any Trust documentation has been dealt with appropriately and received.


As a professional organisation we actively encourage our clients to make the most of our service and take part in regular annual reviews.  This allows you to monitor the progress of your plans against your objectives and provides the opportunity for fine tuning as required.  This is an important part of our service as it can often help identify issues before they arise which in turn enables us to plan together, reducing the impact any changes to your own situation or new government legislation may have on your objectives.