At Advantage IFA we strongly believe that one of the first steps in financial planning is protecting your existing wealth and those important to you.  The next step is to grow your wealth.  We therefore feel that this is a very important area which doesn't get the attention it deserves. 

You may know who or what you want to protect but feel unsure how to go about achieving your objective in the best way.  We will advise you on the different types of protection available to make sure that the cover you have in place is going what you want if called upon and we'll also tell you if you have cover in place which is surplus to meeting your goals or represents poor value.

There are many areas that we can cover which have been listed below.  The importance of these to you will depend on your circumstances.

For Individuals -
  • Protecting your family in the event of your death or the diagnosis of a critical illness.
  • Providing you with a replacement income.
  • Ensuring the family home is protected.
  • Helping your beneficiaries pay an Inheritance Tax liability.
For Businesses -
  • Succession planning to enable the business to continue in the event of the death of a partner or director.
  • Providing the means for early retirement of a partner or director in the event of a critical illness without damaging the business.
  • Providing cover for the loss of key personnel.

Why should you come to us for advice?  Well, we will ensure that you have the appropriate type and level of protection for your needs including the establishment of any relevant Trusts that are required to ensure not just the speedy payment of benefits, but also the most preferential tax treatment of any payment.

(Trusts are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority)