Preserving Your Legacy

How do you make sure that after your death your wealth is passed onto those you care about?  Is there any way you to calculate how much tax will need to be paid and who will pay it?  How do you reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax that needs to be paid?

These are just some of the many concerns that clients can have regarding their estates.  At Advantage IFA we can help guide you through the difficult decisions and explain your options.  We will show you how you can retain some control over the timing and distribution of your assets after your death and make sure you fully understand the implications of any course of action that you take.

Whatever you decide to do, whether it be with the help of Advantage IFA or not, we strongly recommend that you seek legal advice in putting together your Will and that you consider the use of a Lasting Power of Attorney.  We work closely with solicitors who specialise in this area and always suggest that clients speak to solicitors who have taken the time and effort to specialise in this field by becoming members of the Society for Trustee and Estate Practitioners.

(Some forms of Inheritance Tax planning and Will Writing are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority).