Our Approach

Put very simply -

we listen to what you tell us,

we tailor our recommendations to your circumstances,

we allow you time to reflect and

we charge you a fair price for the work done on your behalf.


We put the clients at the centre of all financial planning.  To do this we listen to what you say is important to you and what you want to achieve.  Only by truly understanding your circumstances and perspective on life can we help build an individual plan to meet your needs.

We provide you with recommendations in a written report which we explain to you in person to ensure you are fully aware of all of the potential benefits and drawbacks of any course of action. 

We give you time to consider your decision and at your request are happy to explain the recommendations to other family members / friends if you wish them to be involved.  If you decide to proceed we implement the recommendations for you.

We charge a fair and very competitive price for our services and offer a variety of payment options.  We help guide you towards the most cost effective option. As a professional firm we firmly believe that an ethical charging structure is the only appropriate option and helps generate many of the referrals we receive.