Long Term Care Planning

The cost of Long Term Care is becoming increasingly expensive and can leave many worried about their finances and the impact on their loved ones.  We listen to the worries of our clients and guide them through the most appropriate strategy for funding their care, which maximizes the impact of their monies and helps ensure their loved ones are still financially secure.  By doing this we aim to alleviate the worries that many people have over their care costs and future.

There is no single solution which is appropriate for all scenarios.  Each case is considered individually with due care and attention to provide the best quality advice possible.  With your permission and where appropriate through Powers of Attorney we are happy to include members of your family and relevant professionals within your decision making process.

You can be confident in the fact that we not only have the relevant qualification for Long Term Care planning but also hold high level qualifications for pensions and estate planning which should also be considered to provide a full picture.