Flexibility to enjoy retirement

You've reached your retirement age and have been sent an array of different letters from your pension providers.  The decisions you make now will go a long way to determining the income you receive for the rest of your life and it is vital that you are fully informed and understand these options.

We can help guide you through your choices and correspondence that seems to come with retirement.  We will ensure sure you are aware of all appropriate options helping you avoid the pitfalls of some options whilst providing a balanced view of the available benefits.  Choosing how you take and manage your retirement income is not an easy decision to be made in haste and with our help you can maximise the income available. 

Unlike some firms we are fully qualified to discuss all of your retirement options such as temporary annuities, lifetime annuities, the open market option, capped and flexible drawdowns and third way providers.  We will also help you with any pre-retirement measures that should be taken to help secure the value of your pension.

With our help we hope that you will be able to enjoy a long and fruitful retirement with an income that meets your expectations and provides peace of mind.